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“And this can be our goal. Every day, with every action, to make something more civilized. To find more dignity and possibility and opportunity for those around us, those we know and don’t know.”
– Seth Godin

Get To Know Coach ∙ Mentor ∙ Consultant

As a coach, I assist my clients in a creative and thought-provoking process to help them achieve their personal and professional potential. My area of expertise is providing guidance and support to individuals, teams, or organizations in the screen-based industries, which includes film, television, streaming, gaming, virtual production and digital media. I allow the client to take the lead in the coaching process and explore what they want to explore. My role is to bring structure to the process while supporting clients in achieving their professional and business goals, enhancing their skills, and navigating the unique challenges of the screen-based landscape.

As a Mentor, I have a wealth of experience working in the screen-based industries and I offer guidance and advice to individuals who are looking to develop their careers, businesses, or projects. I will share my knowledge, insights, and industry wisdom with my mentee to support their growth and success. The screen-based industries include various forms of content production, such as film, television, streaming, virtual production, and digital media.

I am a business consultant who specializes in providing expert advice, solutions, and strategic guidance to individuals, organizations, and companies within the screen-based industries.

These industries encompass a range of businesses and infrastructure. My approach involves using my knowledge of the industry, market insights, and business expertise to assist clients in addressing challenges, seizing opportunities, and achieving their objectives. My primary goal as a consultant is to provide strategic recommendations and actionable insights that contribute to the success and sustainability of clients’ ventures.

I have experience working with various clients, including production companies, studios, content creators, and other stakeholders involved in creating and distributing screen-based content. I help them navigate the complexities of the industry and make informed decisions to achieve their business objectives.

In the world of screen-based industry, the term “infrastructure” refers to the foundational elements, facilities, and systems that support the creation, production, distribution, and consumption of screen-based content. It includes a wide range of physical, technological, and organizational components that collectively form the backbone of the industry. The infrastructure of the screen-based industry is constantly evolving and dynamic, driven by technological advancements, changes in consumer behaviour, and shifts in industry trends. It plays a vital role in facilitating the entire lifecycle of screen-based content, from creation to distribution and consumption.