“Commit! Engage! Try! Fail! Get up! Try again! Fail again! Try again! But never, ever stop moving on! Progress for humanity is engendered by those in any station who join and savour the fray by giving one hundred percent of themselves to their modest or immodest dreams!”
– Tom Peters


At the heart of my approach is accountability, which is crucial for success. I will work closely with you to establish clear objectives and help you become the best version of yourself. My feedback is always honest and constructive, and I’ll provide unwavering support every step of the way.

As a friendly and approachable coach, mentor, and consultant, I’m here to assist you in achieving your goals. Let’s connect, share experiences, and explore your unique stories. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your business and help you achieve new heights of success! Here’s to a journey filled with passion, purpose, and boundless possibilities in the screen-based media industry!

I believe in:

INTEGRITY – doing what is right.
PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE – being the best.
CREDIBILITY – walking the talk.
ACCOUNTABILITY – owning our actions.
COLLABORATION – achieving collective and individual goals while working as a team.
TRUST – building relationships.


Phase 1: Entry and Contracting.

We will schedule an initial meeting, followed by several additional meetings to review and discuss the direction, expectations, and goals of the project. Our main objective is to establish a collaborative relationship with you, your staff, and stakeholders. During this phase, we will also be handling legal matters, agreements, payments, and schedules.

Phase 2: Discovery and Dialogue.

We will schedule meetings to discover and discuss any problems and bottlenecks and find solutions to ensure they don’t resurface. We will also examine the tasks that need to be accomplished, with a focus on people, processes, and technology. Our approach will be a play-to-win strategy, where we will concentrate on achieving
business objectives, developing business models, and mapping out processes. This can be executed as a mentorship model.

Phase 3: Analysis and Decision.

During the Analysis and Decision phase, we will review all the information gathered and develop an achievable plan. We will take a phased approach to ensure we’re on the right track and aligned with your goals. Our decision-making process will be based on data analysis, risk mitigation, and contingency planning.

Phase 4: Engagement and Implementation.

We are ready to put our creative ideas into action and initiate the process of making them a reality. We will work diligently to ensure that every aspect of our plan is executed flawlessly, leaving no room for any errors or hiccups. Our team will collaborate and put forth their best efforts to ensure that our project runs smoothly and is completed within the given timeline.

Phase 5: Extension, Recycle or Termination.

We will collaborate with you and all key stakeholders to develop the business and devise new strategies. We will also assess the next steps and determine whether to continue, modify, or terminate the project.