Always the chicken and the egg thing. Once again what came first: the drive to commercialize the digital game world, or the gamers desire to play games?

The launch of digital incubators now found in schools, and small business development centres, have become the driving force behind this next media explosion. The virtual world is upon us. Avatar became the new symbol for the future of the next media generation in so many ways. First, the film, an epic 3D experience that re-invented the cinema going culture. Secondly, for an older generation, the gaming experience became obtainable without having to make the commitment to be and live the game. Lastly, for me the films greatest asset was “the Pod.” This is what gamers and virtual explores become addicted to. As with all great trans-formative ideas, 3D has taken the slow evolutionary road, and so did sensual deprivation tanks [a film classic – Altered States], virtual reality and a boomer culture raised on the drug experience.

The Avatar experience also defined the future of our media landscape, the large theatrical world and our media home-scape as a voyeuristic self-indulging game experience. These two polar ends of our next media journey, and once again killing the middle [class], and creating an opportunity for the future. Unfortunately, I realize I’m not a huge fan of either 3D and gaming. I would suspect like many working in the current media industry, I may continue to gamble that this transition will take long enough for me to figure out once again, ‘what would an artist do’? But closer to the truth is the fact that our accelerated collective consciousness and addiction to the new drug of technological lust will propel us into this next-media kicking and screaming in a very short amount of time.

On the capitalist left brain, I am guessing I should figure out the “strategic plan for the future” and on the artist right brain, “i can’t always get what i want, but i can always get what i need.” Yes the ‘i’ is for dramatic affect and my generation’s legacy.

I embrace the possibilities of this future. It’s better than bingo and bowling.